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Be the first to have a taste of the protein filled Mopilaz, a mopani worm infused tortilla.Order yours today!

Mopilaz - Mopani Worms Infused Tortillas(Tomato flavour) 60g

  • Mopani worms/Caterpillars, Maize, vegetable oil (palm fruit and/or maize germ or sunflower seed), sugars, salt, spice extracts, flavour enhancers.
    Nutritional facts Per 100 g:           
    Energy (kJ)    2463             
    Protein (g)    11                   
    Carbohydrate (g)    55
    Total fat (g)    31.7
    Dietary fibre# (g)    4.4                        
    Total sodium (mg)    668

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