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Our Story

Mopani Queens, a pioneer of flavoured and ready to snack Mopane worms was established in 2019 when we identified a gap in the accessibility of traditional edible insects for communities in urban areas. We have since grown into a business that finds its passion in providing environmentally friendly alternative protein source in the form of flavoured (modernised) and ready to eat edible insects snacks to families across South Africa and worldwide.

A considerable portion of South Africans are from a traditional eating backgrounds that included the eating of insects, this practice is disappearing due to a growing trend towards westernized eating habits. As a result, our children lose important indigenous food heritage knowledge due to this abandonment of traditional food choices.


Our champion insect is the caterpillars of the Gonimbrasia belina, widely known as Mopane worms/ masonja/matomani. Our Mopane worms are sustainably harvested within the Southern African landscape and are perfectly spiced with local ingredients. We have a range of flavours to accommodate different tastes.

Mopani Queens is 100% black woman owned entomophagy company ,a member of Proudly South African and Edible Insects Farming Association of Southern Africa.

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