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Company vision

Vision and Mission:
Our Statement of Vision is to:
Become the go-to choice edible insects’ brand for customers.

Our Mission:
To improve our customer protein choices by providing them with alternative protein through nutritious and delicious edible insects.

Core Beliefs and Values:
At Mopani Queens we value family. We believe that a healthy family makes a healthy nation. That is why we give you- our customers, smart proteins for healthier bodies and minds. We are the pioneers of flavoured and ready tosnack Mopane worms.

Our Values

  • Authentically African: Our edible insects’ products are authentic,indigenous and proudly African. Mopane worms are part of a
    traditional food staple that our people have enjoyed since time immemorial. As food choices become more westernized, a majorityof Africans, particularly children, lose important indigenous food heritage knowledge due to abandonment of traditional food choices. We are committed to making it easier for you to make the rightprotein choice by bringing you delicious edible insects.


  • Environmentally friendly: We believe in responsible business practices that do not harm the environment. Our Mopane worms are
    handpicked from the wild with minimal production costs. In controlled environments, production cost (vs conventional livestock)are lower in terms of lower resource use and environmental impact. It takes 3kg mopane leaves to produce 1kg of Mopane worms vs 40kg feed to yield 1kg beef. Mopane worms are an environmentally friendly protein source.

  • Integrity: Mopani Queens is committed to fair trade principles .This means we are trading with concern for social, economic and
    environmental well-being of our harvesters, and not maximising profits at their expense. We conduct all trade in a fair and transparentway; protecting cultural identity and traditional skills.


  • Smart and healthy proteins: As we are part of the global villages,South Africa needs smarter and more efficient ways of providing food security for our Nation. It is a proven fact that edible insects have more protein than beef and most seafood and have all the essential amino acids required for a healthier diet. Increasing the uptake of edible insects and Mopane worms in particular makes sense. Nutritional benefits of Mopani Worms : Over 50% Protein, and significant amounts of Fiber ,Carbs , Saturated fats , Sodium , Iorn , Zinc , and Magnisium.

  • Dependable: You can depend on us to bring the best quality products to your table.

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