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The Insect Opportunity : Absence of edible insects in grocery stores throughout South Africa despite:

  • A large portion of South Africans being from traditional eating backgrounds that included the eating of insects.Over 5 million people in the Limpopo and Kwa-Zulu Natal provinces eat insects as part of their diet. 

  • The Conscious customer demands alternative protein source (vs conventional livestock). Insect production involves lower resource use (land, water, feed); has a smaller environmental impacts and a positive economic input to mostly marginalised rural communities.  For example, it takes 3kg Mopane leaves to produce 1kg of Mopane Worms Caterpillars vs 40kg feed = 1kg beef. Our Mopane worms caterpillars are sustainably sourced from rural communities within the South Africa.

  • Insects offer more nutritional value than most foods despite their size. They contain significantly higher sources of protein and minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium than beef.

  • South Africa is part of global village working towards food security by 2030. We need more healthier and sustainably made food to feed our growing population.

The solution: We have designed the best tasting edible insect snacks under the African sun and our people are loving them. Our Mopane snacks are proudly made in South Africa and are flavored with local ingredients to accommodate the modern palate without changing the taste or nutritional benefits.


Edible insects are a sustainable, delicious, superfood and Mopani Queens is on a mission to take them mainstream.Mopani snacks are rich in protein and a healthy snacks. Mopani Queens is looking to scale this delicious snack and become THE brand for edible insects.

Join us in this journey to bring our people delicious, high protein and low carbs snack. Donate.

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